An analysis of the issues of cosmetic surgery

Factors such as communication with the surgeon and interactions with office staff also have an impact on whether plastic surgery patients are happy or unhappy, according to the study by ASPS Member Surgeon John Y.

An analysis of the issues of cosmetic surgery

It's about the lack of emphasis on one's own beauty. She asked me who my plastic surgeon was. I have never gotten any plastic surgery, but I cannot say the same for thousands of South Korean girls who have undergone surgery or intend to in the near future.

When and how this became such a commonplace practice remains unclear, but cosmetic surgery is undeniably ingrained in Korea's culture.

An analysis of the issues of cosmetic surgery

This, however, is not a phenomenon exclusive to Korea, but rather is a trend extending to the entire Southeast Asian region. I am simply honing in on Korea because as a Korean-American, I am most familiar with its culture.

Today, South Korea has emerged as a technological echelon when it comes to plastic surgery, an impressive feat that should be lauded. I am certainly not opposed to cosmetic surgery.

Plus, the way skin grafts can heal severe burns or reconstructive surgery can reverse birth defects like cleft lips are a testament to the miraculous benefits of such corrective procedures. Instead, my trepidations lie in the fact that I cannot saunter through Gangnam without seeing illuminated advertisements of before-and-after surgical polaroids.

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I can't walk through Apgujeong, Seoul's teeming version of a happening location like Williamsburg, in Brooklyn, without seeing blown-up billboards for the "Plastic Surgery Plaza". That is why when the Buzzfeed article about the identical-looking Miss Korea contestants was published, I could not dispute because it was true.

In fact, based on the similarities between the pageant contenders, one could argue that the pageant guidelines listed "big doll eyes and heart-shaped jaws" as entry requirements. I think the empty promise of an ugly duckling transformation into a white swan is misleading. When speaking with friends about what the 'end goal' of these surgical procedures were, answers spanned the gamut of "looking as pretty as [actress] Kim Tae Hee or [figure skater] Kim Yuna" to "eventually finding a good husband.

Then there is the qualm with the timing of these surgeries for young girls.

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Three years ago, she received double eyelid surgery, removed her beauty marks and moles, and got a "minor" nose job. Kate explained that if she returned to Korea to get the nose job during high school, the physical transformation -- albeit subtle -- would be noticeable among her peers.

The golden period during the summer after high school, therefore, allowed her to forgo the incessant gossip and hallway whisperings about her improved face. It was like a Get Out of Jail Free card.

An added bonus was that her new friends in college would assume that this narrower nose was a genetic blessing of some sort. What more, surgery should not be used as motivation.

That means that at the age of 12, Stella began looking forward to a double eyelid surgery that would make her eyes look larger and more "western". To her, the trade-off was sleep in lieu of studying, but more taxing was that until she received the admission letter, she lived under the impression that she needed to change to be beautiful.

And here lies the missing link: It's not about the type of cosmetic surgery or the motivation behind the decision. Before I traveled to Asia inmy grandmother told me that I can buy as many clothes, shoes, or food as I desire, but one thing I should never undergo is plastic surgery.

Puerile as it may sound, she reminded me that I am beautiful exactly the way I am, and this is the one message that we should remind each other more often. After all, why change what's not already broken?Distraction osteogenesis (DO), also called callus distraction, callotasis and osteodistraction, is a process used in orthopedic surgery, podiatric surgery, and oral and maxillofacial surgery to repair skeletal deformities and in reconstructive surgery.

The procedure involves cutting and slowly separating bone, allowing the bone healing . Plastic Surgery Essay Examples. 24 total results. The Current Societal Role of Plastic Surgery.

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Modern tooth Implants are more popular than dentures, crowns, and bridges because they function like natural teeth, fitting perfectly . A recent analysis of 37 studies on patients' psychological and psychosocial functioning before and after cosmetic surgery by social worker Roberta Honigman and psychiatrists Katharine Phillips, MD, and David Castle, MD, suggests positive outcomes in patients, including improvements in body image and possibly a quality-of-life boost too.

An analysis of the issues of cosmetic surgery

Good cosmetic results are an important factor – but not the only factor – differentiating positive versus negative reviews for plastic surgeons on Google, Yelp, and other online review sites, according to a special topic paper in the May issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, the.

The American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery (AJCS) is the official publication of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS) and is published quarterly in both print and online formats. The journal features state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery procedures, topics, and breakthroughs.

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