Christmas gifts for college guys

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Christmas gifts for college guys

It all comes down to this, a legendary list of the 20 best Christmas gifts for college students that will make you a seasonal rock of Gibraltar; a Christmas hero! Stackable, colorful and cool the Tetris Desk Light is an awesome choice. Boys and girls will love them.

Time in the room is usually accompanied by video, gaming or noisy internet browsing. Gift Cards This is universal. Furthermore, these days the prices are ridiculously low.

Not long ago even buying a smaller quality TV for college kids was spendy.

Christmas gifts for college guys

This is a neat idea, and a great way to buy a new wallet for the guys. Get a nice new wallet and then fill it with things like gift cards, new photographs, perhaps sporting event or movie tickets etc.

Gourmet Coffee College kids are the only people on earth who drink more coffee than corporate office bees. The problem is that A nice big bag of gourmet coffee is that understanding and supportive gift that all students appreciate if they drink coffee that is.

Quick Gifts

Well, maybe some of the little accessories might not get used but the major components never fail. Razors, shaving cream, cologne, soap etc. Mainly because the stuff in the campus store is horrible.

They just put any old thing together and call it food. That being said, a box of assorted and tasty sauces will be used within a month.

Christmas gifts for college guys

Maybe before New Years…imagine the flavors of Top Ramen they could conjure up. You can survive on the stuff! It would be neat to have a quality serving set that looks just like the kind you get at the movies.

How cool is that? High-Brow Bedding Goes without saying… New Laptop Again, an incredible tool that will be used and abused and every penny will be squeezed out of it.

No college students neglects a new laptop.

See a Problem?

You get the idea.It’s Day 1 of our #25DaysofChristmas Hope Challenge! We'll be giving away one Kenneth Copeland Word of Faith Commentary Bible to one of you who takes today's challenge to spread the hope of Christmas to your friends.

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