Creating a school of excellence

Barometers of Life Outcomes were first shared with families, during a one to one 30 minute session. They found both exciting and challenging to search for correlations between EQ competencies and academic results in the different disciplines. Each lab was a 1h lesson facilitated by me in the presence of a teacher.

Creating a school of excellence

Locusts have afflicted humanity throughout history, with devastating consequences. These insects are species of grasshoppers that can swarm in the millions and wipe out fields of crops in the blink of an eye.

Foreign Disaster Assistance a part of the U. Agency for International Development. This is the first time an ASU program has been awarded an OFDA grant, according to research advancement manager Ann Marie Hess, whose dedication to this partnership and work as a research advancement manager, alongside program manager Ariel Rivers, was critical to landing the grant.

With this funding, the Global Locust Initiative team — directed by senior sustainability scientist Arianne Cease pictured left — will test whether soil amendments to millet fields in Kaffrine, Senegal, decrease locust outbreaks, improve millet yields and increase farmer livelihoods.

The initiative chose Kaffrine as a pilot region for a few reasons: Her research has shown that this species prefers control low-protein, high-carbohydrate millet over nitrogen-fertilized millet, and has a lower survival rate and lays smaller eggs when eating fertilized millet.

Additional work by School of Sustainability Master of Science student Mira Word, now an alumna, found a negative correlation between locusts and nitrogen in soil and plants, and that soil improvement practices may help keep locusts at bay.


To facilitate communications and activities, a community outreach specialist was recently hired. ASU students and a postdoctoral researcher from McGill University will also be assisting in the field. Testing on-the-ground solutions Specifically, the team will be testing whether small doses of nitrogen fertilizer applied to the base of each millet plant will bring about the expected impacts.

Cease recognizes that nitrogen fertilization is not the perfect long-term solution because it can have negative effects downstream if used in large amounts.

The booklet will be in the local language Wolof and will help villagers tell the difference between locusts that are hazardous for crops and those that are benign. If harmful locusts are spotted, the ID booklet has information on how to contact the initiative's partner in Senegal — the plant protection directorate called the DPV.

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Like many bugs, locusts are attracted to light at night. When locusts fly into the traps, the women can pick them out and identify them.Developing the school’s vision and mission are two of the most important steps toward creating a successful program. Done well, they give clarity and direction for a school.

Creating a school of excellence

A muddy vision or mission can help lead to continuing conflicts, and a school that has difficulty identifying priorities. National PTA comprises millions of families, students, teachers, administrators, and business and community leaders devoted to the educational success of children and the promotion of family engagement in schools.

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St. Pascal Baylon is a school of excellence in the East Metro where our students’ lives are transformed in a Catholic, faith-centered environment focused on innovation, service to our community and the cultivation of each student’s potential. By Carson Bolding. If your garden’s not growing, don’t blame the veggies. That was the lesson at the core of Dr. Pedro Noguera’s lecture this past Monday as part of Hayles Educational Incorporated’s Professional Learning Series. Georgia Department of Education releases list of Comprehensive Support & Improvement (CSI) schools 10/29/ Georgia Department of Education releases first scores from redesigned CCRPI.

presents Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence Conference - Tuesday, November 27, | Saturday, December 1, at Disney's Yacht Club Resort, Orlando, FL.

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Reinforce the Expectation of Excellence The final component to creating a school of excellence is to immerse the expectations of excellence into everything that is done within the school. Every discussion, email, document, and process is an opportunity to support your expectations of excellence.

How to Create a Culture of Achievement in Your School and Classroom.

Creating a school of excellence

they provide 19 action research tools that will help you create a culture of achievement, so that your school or classroom is the best it can be. Nancy is a recipient of the Christa McAuliffe Award for Excellence in Teacher Education from the American Association of.

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