Ehh this paper sucks

So while I was making this plant stand I ended up making a small rectangle one too. It turned out horrendous but, I did get to practice my raw edging technique on it which was actually very helpful.

Ehh this paper sucks

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One guy gets up to greet the obvious first-timer, while the others just sit there with a faraway look in their eyes. Three days later, Dal-po is the rookie to announce himself, and the fresh-faced newbie who arrived three days ago now looks exactly like the others, with dark circles down to there and the same dead look in his eyes.

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And Ehh this paper sucks few days later, I had become one of them. The investigation is showing signs of foul play, and the use of toxic chemicals to instigate the shipping container fire that killed them. Their leading suspect is the plant manager who owed them money and is currently missing… because Hyung trapped him in a manhole six feet under!

Ehh this paper sucks

Dal-po finally finishes his shredded paper reconstruction after two all-nighters, and the rest of the rookies are especially nice to him as they face their official district assignments. The worst assignment is the Han River, because that rookie has to work under Jang Hyun-kyu whose nickname, by the way, is Jang Nitpick.

She blankly asks Dal-po to return her hot-packs, suddenly not feeling so generous.

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Princess accuses him of treating them differently because of their connections, only to watch a little longer and realize that Il-joo is just as much of a hardass—he just likes to speak in that eerily polite, passive-aggressive tone.

Ha, does Beom-jo not understand sarcasm? In-ha has to stop and explain that Il-joo is saying one thing but means another. He practically sing-songs at them to run, and to answer his calls in under three rings at all times, whether sleeping or pooping.

He reminds them that other reporters are now the enemy, and we intercut between Hyun-kyu and Il-joo giving minute-by-minute instructions to Dal-po and In-ha as they each race down to the street. They actually arrive outside their buildings at exactly the same time, and Dal-po comes to a screeching halt and asks what In-ha is doing here.

Dal-po ignores the outstretched hand and asks for an explanation, and In-ha tells him about Mom and the publicity internship. He looks up and sees the giant banner with mother and daughter advertising honest news from a Pinocchio reporter, and walks away.

In-ha runs after him, leaving Beom-jo alone to swear angrily. He shouts back angrily, asking why she wants to be a reporter so badly—did she really want to go back to her mother that much, when all she did was stomp on her pride?

She pounds her chest: Not one minute, one second will be erased.

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Dad arrives in the distance as Dal-po tries to hold her back to argue. In-ha bounces up and down in glee, while Dal-po accepts defeat. Chaebol Mommy worries about him having to sleep at the police station like a common criminal, and she coos at him to give up if things get too difficult.

Way to teach him valuable life lessons, Mommy. In-ha peppers Dad with kisses too, though their relationship is too adorable for words. Grandpa just walks away and says you make money to spend money, and Dal-po tries hard not to cry. Sorry, I might have been too hasty. He outsmarts her by taking a different route, and we catch up to the opening scene as he arrives at the precinct.

In-ha comes running in too, and Dal-po suddenly frowns to see her looking a little too happy to see Chan-soo. They open the door to a tiny room filled with trash and dirty underwear. One lone reporter sits in the center of the room typing away like a zombie, and killing cockroaches with her bare hands.

The rookies shudder in horror.Enter your name or special phrase to customize your bottle of Coca-Cola, Diet Coke or Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. Thank you. So glad you loved it. I made sure my legs were the same length and when inserting them into the bucket I made sure they stuck out past the bucket the same amount and measured the distance between each leg.

Berber queen? In light of the previous post you know that I was going to post on the new paper in PNAS, North African Jewish and non-Jewish populations form distinctive, orthogonal caninariojana.comonally, the press people at Albert Einstein did reach out to me.

That doesn’t mean I’ll blog a paper, but it does mean that I’ll give it an extra look. This site contains reviews of frozen and take out meals, comparing the packaging to the actual product as well as reviewing the taste.

Ehh this paper sucks W.S Merwin’s For the Anniversary of My Death and Yusef Komunyakaa’s Facing It both revolve around themes of death. Each author’s approach to the subject is vastly different, yet there are also striking parallels. We know for sure that Judaism was a dominant religion in the Maghreb at one time, before Islam.

this is false. christianity was the dominant organized religion (though there were certainly jews.

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