Intermediate 1 english critical essay questions

Select to download N5 nbsp; Intermediate 2 — All papers — — SlideShare Read the passage carefully and then answer all the questions, using your own. Critical Essay amp; Close Reading. English — National Parent Forum of Scotland. Intermediate 2 Close Reading.

Intermediate 1 english critical essay questions

Intermediate 1 english critical essay questions

The advice is still valid for anyone studying these texts for National 5. The following essay questions have all been taken from official SQA past papers. If you are to write a good critical essay you MUST keep to the task set.

If you do not answer the question you cannot pass. Choose a novel or a short story which interested you because Intermediate 1 english critical essay questions deals with young people.

Say what happens to the young people and show how the writer helps you to understand the situation they are in. What makes the story interesting is that it is a warning to young people about what being in a gang means and the consequences of gang rivalry and violence.

To begin with Andy does not realise how badly he is injured but the writer tells us that if he knew he was dying he would be afraid so we know he will die if no one comes to help him soon.

The writer also tells us often that he is only sixteen. Andy was stabbed in an alley, not because he started a fight or did anything in particular, but because he was wearing a jacket that marked him out as belonging to the Royals.

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As Andy is lying there, too injured even to speak, he thinks about how proud he was to join the Royals. The Royals and the Guardians are the two main gangs in the area and Andy felt it was special to be in the Royals and wear their jacket. Several people come into the alley.

The first is a drunk. The man is too drunk to realise that Andy is hurt and thinks he is drunk too. He offers Andy a drink, threatens to call the police, and then leaves Andy to die alone.

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He thinks he is doing Andy a favour by not calling the police but, of course, he is not. They are sheltering from the rain and kissing in a doorway when they hear Andy moan. This is the only noise Andy can make.

The boy, Freddie goes to investigate. The only other person to come into the alley is an old woman who rummages in the bins and is too deaf to hear Andy. The writer shows us that Andy now sees that the jacket he wears has caused his death. He was stabbed because of it and Freddie and his girl were too frightened to help him because he was a Royal.

They did not think of him as a teenager like them, a teenager who needed help, but as a gang member. He knows he is dying but he needs to die as Andy not a Royal. He spends the last moments of his life and the last strength he has taking off his jacket so he can distance himself from the gang.

Despite all of his efforts, Andy is simply a dead gang member to the policeman and not a sixteen-year old boy who will never fulfil his hopes for the future.

The writer helps us to understand why Andy would be proud of being in the gang. For him it meant that he was brave and he liked that the Royals were respected and even feared. However, he was stabbed in an alley simply because he was wearing a Royals jacket and the person who stabbed him was a member of the Guardians.

There was no reason for that to happen. Andy died alone in the rain because of his jacket and what it stands for. His death is pointless and stupid and tragic. Try these questions for youself: Choose a novel or short story which interested you because of its theme or topic.

Say what the theme or topic is and show how far the writer made it interesting for you. At the very beginning of the story, sixteen-year old Andy is lying, bleeding to death, in an alley.

He has been stabbed by a member of a rival gang… Choose a novel or short story in which a character gains your sympathy because of the situation he or she is in at one point in the novel or short story.

Say what the situation is and how the character deals with it. Go on to explain why you feel sympathy for him or her. Show how the story builds up to the turning point and say why it is so important for the character. After all, this causes Francis to lie about his age and go to war at fifteen.Intermediate 1 Critical Essay Supplementary Advice This advice, which is supplementary to the published Performance Criteria, is designed to assist with .

Intermediate 2 english critical essay. and play-offs implicatively!Intermediate 2 english essay help But it’s also fun Feb 18, English critical essays 2 Intermediate.

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Intermediate 1 english critical essay questions

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Read all of the Critical Essay questions and ensure that you can undertake at least Click on the link to find the Marking Instructions for the Higher English Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation (Paper 1). Some facts about the paper Time. The Critical Essay exam paper lasts for 45 minutes.

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Content. The exam paper will have a range of essay questions on different genres of literature, film and TV drama, and the study of language.

Sqa intermediate 1 english critical essay past papers. October 3, (is beauty important essay of sleep) essay question in english language unemployment research paper topics for english violence Evaluation essay criteria vendor Essay about society and individual workers. Obesity essay .

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