Medical billing training plan

At least once a week, a professional medical biller gets a phone call from a patient. It says that they are responsible for a set sum of money, or, sometimes, it states that a service on their healthcare claim was not covered by their insurer.

Medical billing training plan

Get Straightforward Facts about Your Insurance Benefits Here are some questions you should ask your health plan to help you understand your financial responsibilities: Please note that some health plans require you to work with your primary care office to obtain an insurance referral before seeing a specialist or other physician.

Will I owe a copayment for my health care services? A copayment is a fixed dollar amount defined in your insurance policy that is your responsibility to pay.

Some plans vary the amount you pay based on the type of service you receive or where you receive the care. Do I have a deductible?

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A deductible is the amount you owe out of pocket before your insurance company will pay certain health care expenses. Is there coinsurance associated with my plan? Coinsurance is the percentage of the total bill for medical services that some insurance plans require the patient to pay even after the deductible is met.

Some health plans require a hospital to be part of their network in order to cover medical expenses. Once the health plan has provided payment for its portion, you will receive a bill for any remaining balance the insurer tells us is your responsibility such as deductibles, copayments, coinsurance or non-covered services.

Medical billing training plan

When a patient sees one of our physicians on the Boston campus, the charges will be separated into two bills: The bill from Tufts Medical Center for services on the Boston campus generally includes diagnostic testing and lab services as well as a facility fee covering supplies, staff and overhead for the office visit.

Many insurance companies cover the facility fee; however, your insurance may require you to pay some or all of this charge.

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Yes, it is always a good idea to discuss the type of coverage you have and the way your insurance company covers the cost of the health care services you receive. The best way to reach your insurer is typically the number on the back of your member card.

My personal information has changed such as address, insurance provider, etc. How do I change this with the hospital?

Please call our Financial Coordinators. Depending on your health plan, you may owe a copayment, deductible or coinsurance. What you owe will depend on the types of services you receive and what is covered under your specific plan.

In addition, some services performed in the exam room scopes, biopsies, etc. We urge you to contact your health plan to understand what you will be responsible for paying for your healthcare services.

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Be aware when billing for Medicaid that many Medicaid programs cover a larger number of medical services than Medicare, which means that the program has fewer exceptions.

One final note: Medicaid is the last payer to be billed for a service.

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