Pakistan india and the kargil war politics essay

Write about words descriptive essay on Kargil war Akhila Mol Advertisements: By May, the Pakistani intruders were well into the Drass, Kaksar, Mashkoh and Batalik sectors, hazardously threatening the safety of Srinagar-Leh highway, the virtual line 01 communication. This was the third time in the history of Independent India that Pakistan tried to occupy the Kashmir by assisting or backing the infiltrators.

Pakistan india and the kargil war politics essay

Pakistan india and the kargil war politics essay

It coincided with my political awakening. I was a 4th-year medical student at the time January when the incident took place and I started my new journey. I grew up in a conservative, Salafi family in small town Punjab.

I had always been a bookworm, interested in reading the news and reading all kinds of books more in Urdu than English, mostly because books in Urdu were much more accessible to me. When my classmates in high school were busy memorizing textbooks for history, I was reading books in the school library that had not been read for ages including both English and Urdu books.

I was aware of the Aasia Bibi case and considered it a bigoted attempt by the village folk as a way to settle scores not an uncommon occurrence in Punjab, my homeland. I had actually written a letter to Governor Taseer about some issue with our university exam Governor of Punjab is the de facto Chancellor of all public universities in the province a week before he was assassinated.

They showed the Taseer family in swimming pools and the ladies in swimsuits which was considered too much skin. A few short years before that, Lawyers movement had swept urban parts of Pakistan in a frenzy and it felt like a new era for raising your voice, to demand greater freedoms.

Some of my friends from high school had played an active role in the movement and LUMS had been a citadel of resistance during those days.

Omar Ali of BP went to the same school.There was the sad news today of a mother of 5 being killed by a crossbow. At first I thought it was a local British Pakistani affair. However it seems this was a bit of a twist as seen below. Gallery of Books And Toys courtesy Arvind Gupta the Toy Maker.

Have fun and learn through Toys and Books. Page by Samir Dhurde. This was the first major military standoff between India and Pakistan since the Kargil War in The military buildup was initiated by India responding to a Indian Parliament attack and the Jammu and Kashmir legislative assembly attack.

Pakistan india and the kargil war politics essay

Saavedra Lamas, Carlos (b. Nov. 1, , Buenos Aires, Argentina - d. May 5, , Buenos Aires), Argentine diplomat. He became secretary of the municipality of Buenos Aires and in was elected to parliament as a Liberal.

Pakistan’s actions during the Kargil War were truly a cause for fury and it is no surprise that India has resisted any further negotiation with Pakistan regarding the Kashmir issue. The Kargil War, also known as the Kargil conflict, was an armed conflict between India and Pakistan that took place between May and July in the Kargil district of Kashmir and elsewhere along the Line of Control (LOC).

In India, the conflict is also referred to as Operation Vijay (Hindi: विजय, literally "Victory") which was the name of the Indian operation to clear the Kargil sector.

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