Paper bag princess writing activities

I'm glad so many people could use it. This is the first post in my Daily 5 series - doesn't that sound all fancy! Basically, I'm just going to take some photos and write about what I put in my Daily 5 tubs that I wrote about here so not that fancy at all!

Paper bag princess writing activities

Courage Learning objectives Students will be able to develop listening comprehension and inferencing skills through dramatic role plays and writing. The adjustment to the whole group lesson is a modification to differentiate for children who are English learners.

paper bag princess writing activities

EL adjustments Introduction 15 minutes Activate your students' prior knowledge before starting the lesson. Sample questions to ask include: What are the characteristics of a good friend?

What are the characteristics of a bad friend? How should 1 a prince 2 a princess and 3 a dragon look like, act, and say? Use visuals to define Prince, PrincessAnd Dragon. Have students turn to a partner to discuss the meaning of Prince, PrincessAnd Dragon. After reading the story, ask your students some comprehension questions to assess their understanding of the story.

Who was the good friend in the story? Who was the bad friend in the story?

A Teacher without a Class: Paper Bag Princess!

What makes a good friend? How can you be a good friend? Pick a few quotes from the book that illustrate traits about a character or two.

Read them to the class. Ask your students what they think these quotes say about the character s. Pair ELs with sympathetic non-ELs for discussion about each quote.

Provide sentence frames such as: Have students turn and talk to seat partners to share their ideas about each quote. To start role play, assign students different character roles. To help them get into character, ask questions such as: How would they act if they were the Dragon?

This is a great way to check for listening comprehension and build up literacy. Cut out holes in the brown paper bag for a head and arms. You can also make a paper crown for your princes and princesses using the Floral Jewel Crown worksheet from Education. Alternatively, you can have students reenact the story as Prince Ronald, Princess Elizabeth, the Dragon, etc.

Allow students to group with partners that share their home language L1 for role play responding to the text in both English and L1. Provide optional sentence stems for each character. Group ELs with sympathetic non-ELs.


Scan and print out pictures from The Paper Bag Princess, or have the students draw the pictures themselves. For each picture, have the group write sentences that summarize what is happening in the story, using their own words.

The students are free to decorate their posters however they choose. Provide a word bank for new vocabulary on the board. Have more advanced students rewrite Munsch's story.

How would the story be different if Princess Elizabeth used something other than a paper bag to clothe herself? What if Prince Ronald was a nicer person?

Alternatively, have the students tell and act out the story from the Dragon's point of view. Arrange students who need more support into a small group, and guide them through the writing activity. Help the students as needed.

Technology integration As you introduce the words, project the words and examples using a document reader or smartboard. Assessment 10 minutes To assess understanding of The Paper Bag PrincessAnd its theme, ask students some comprehension questions.

Provide sentence frames for students to explain their work orally as you review posters. Allow students to explain their work orally as you review posters.Story Maps and Activities for The Paper Bag Princess Of course this book deserves writing prompts, story maps, and even more!

There are character poems in the unit, story maps that you can glue to a paper bag, create a story map on a paper bag, and so much more! Susan Stein's Fairy Tale Unit is an excellent unit for teaching fairy tales using a wide variety of activities. This site also includes information about "fractured" fairy tales, which are modern fairy tales with a twist, like The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch.

"A Book A Craft: "The Paper Bag Princess" and a Paper Bag Dress - Things to Make and Do, Crafts and Activities for Kids - The Crafty Crow" "The Paper Bag Princess is one of our favorite books.

What a fun craft to go with ". The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch is a terrific book to introduce to a class at the beginning, middle or end of the year, since the theme of conflict resolution is a necessary reminder year round.

Encourage reluctant writers with a fun contest that incorporates creative writing, public speaking and . In Robert Munsch's charming picture book, The Paper Bag Princess, we see the noun--paper bag--used as an interesting adjective in the story's title, and this allows us to discuss how specific nouns can become interesting adjectives in the hands of skilled writers.

Apr 26,  · So this week, after modelling and shared writing activities, I asked students to compare the dragon or Princess Elizabeth from The Paper Bag Princess to a stereotypical dragon or princess Author: Down Under Teacher.

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