Technology simplifies modern life

It has also provided us with means of performing difficult and unpleasant tasks using sophisticated appliances and equipments. It has also added to our entertainment and pleasure by providing so many different products and facilities for our enjoyment. The advances in medical sciences has enabled us to fight diseases and live longer.

Technology simplifies modern life

Videos New technology simplifies complex resident communication workflows Dr. Because securing protected health information was a priority, the organization immediately began searching for a solution that allowed easy and secure communication between residents, attendings, nurses and other clinicians— and would ultimately benefit their patients by enabling fast and efficient clinical decision making.

King and his team at St. Vincent learned about PerfectServe from their colleagues at sister hospital, St. After internal discussions with the CEO and regional leadership, the team decided PerfectServe was also the right solution for St.

Technology shines light on need for process improvement St. Vincent began with a pilot program. Since the manual process was convoluted, automating it with technology immediately brought the legacy issues to light and physicians clearly saw the impact of not keeping schedules up to date.

Vincent introduced a process improvement step to address this challenge, and the hospital began holding physicians accountable for updating their own call schedules. All other physicians who are affiliated with St. Vincent are also strongly encouraged to use the solution. Successful implementation generates high adoption St.

Vincent team allocated staff members and other technical infrastructure to support physicians during the PerfectServe implementation, which helped the transition. While analog phone and pager users required a bit more hand-holding, the majority of technology-savvy physicians were fully functional within a month.

Physicians downloaded the phone app and began immediately reaping the benefits.

Technology simplifies modern life

Those on the app get quicker information—liketraumas cominginor transfers with special needs. Historically residents and physicians were paging and waiting on call-backs.


Vincent now has anywhere from 15, to 17, secure messages via PerfectServe in any given month. Vincent realized another significant advantage with PerfectServe — the ability to send attachments securely.

They can now share X-rays, photos or images, and more easily consult with other physicians on patient care. King and others at St. Vincent have ensured that patient-centered communications happen securely and quickly.

Continued vision for improvement The team at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center plans to broaden the use of PerfectServe throughout the health system.

King, they are focused on getting every physician using the solution as well as keeping them trained and compliant with new processes and security protocols.

The hospital is also looking forward to enhanced functionality for its nursing staff. Nurses have recognized the rapid transition to secure texting and want the ability to text directly and securely with physicians.

King is anxious for other northern market facilities, Mercy St. Charles Hospital and Mercy St. Anne Hospital, to implement PerfectServe so they can truly have seamless care team collaboration among clinicians throughout the system.

Vincent Medical Center Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center is the critical care regional referral and teaching center within the Mercy system, a seven-hospital, faith-based system serving Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. Eight generations later, it is still charting the course for a healthy community.

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Vincent maintains a completely modern, attractive and secure campus, and takes a leadership role in providing quality medical education and community development.

More thanclinicians in forward-looking organizations across the U. Headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, with offices in Alpharetta, Georgia, and Chicago, PerfectServe has helped clinicians provide better care since Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, and subscribe to our blog.Modern technology essays.

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Jul 23,  · Modern technology simplifies life in so many ways and everyone defines technology in their own way. To some people, it means complicated electronic devices. To others, it means the source of the radical changes that are happening in all phases of life. Technology has advanced to such a degree that even the most menial tasks can be dealt with efficiently with a mere touch of a button.

When we consider how much we rely on technology to aid us in our day to day lives, it is hard to imagine a world without the technological advancements we .

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