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The axis of awesome how to write a love song subtitulada one night

Aug 15, Return of the Mystery Machine Bus! The inputs are in! Lots of great feedback. Thank you to everyone who took the time to think about this conceptual model and share your thoughts. Here are a few things that jumped out at me, reading the feedback.

Surprise Factor My distinction seems to have taken almost everyone by surprise. I'd half-expected people to point me off to papers and articles that had already explored this metaphor. But no, this appears to be a genuinely new way of looking at the programming world.

Which means, naturally, that reactions will range from hyper-enthusiasm to the Five Stages of Grief, and everything in between. I think most of us are justifiably too happy with our awesome choice of career to get too riled up about this stuff.

The Unhappy Quadrant As a rough generalization, it appears that political conservatives didn't seem to object to my taxonomy. They're fine with being labeled either software-liberal or software-conservative. And political liberals don't mind being software-liberal.

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But political liberals HATE being labeled software-conservative. As many commenters pointed out, though, it's pretty much inevitable at this point.

The metaphor is too useful to ignore.

the axis of awesome how to write a love song subtitulada one night

The parallels to political science run deep. I will explore more of them in today's little sequel. Mad Marketing Rush Some Clojure-language folks wrote a charming and possibly satirical response entitled "Clojure is not Software Conservative", in which they basically said: But we are most definitely NOT conservative!

And people are going to be way more aware of that now. Languages are no longer going to be able to get away with saying "Ideal for Everyone! And you have to hand it to them -- they aimed at the "bigger half", which is to say: There's some truth in what they're saying, since Lisp itself is amazingly expressive and composable, and Clojure's syntactic choices are, I think, a genuine advance in the field.

The other Lisps could learn a thing or three. But the reality is that Clojure is quite conservative.

As far as I'm concerned, if you can't set the value of a memory variable without writing code to ask for a transaction, it's I can't squeeze a drop without say-so. I could rattle off a dozen ways that the language imposes heavyweight protective machinery and restrictions that you don't see in, say, Common Lisp.

This is just a basic and irreconcilable difference of opinion. It doesn't help matters for the Clojure people tell me: All you've gotta do is ask someone in charge! It's practically a rubber stamp! In fact I don't want an authority in charge at all.

But that's just me. Some people love it.

the axis of awesome how to write a love song subtitulada one night

Having a conservative Lisp dialect is actually a cool thing. I think we've needed one for a long time.

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I think it's a great way to attract the H-M crowd into the wonderful world of Lisp. I think you should be able to choose from Lisps all along the political spectrum, and Clojure has helped us fill out the offerings. False False Dichotomy Several folks decried my taxonomy as a logical fallacy of the False Dichotomy variety, thereby hoping to have the case thrown out of court on procedural grounds before it could go to trial.

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