The lottery by shirley jackson and the shawl by cynthia ozick essay

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The lottery by shirley jackson and the shawl by cynthia ozick essay

See the ts and intro entries in my Appendix: Essay Comment Symbols of this pamphlet. Essay Comment Abbreviations and Symbols of this pamphlet. See "Opening paragraphs to avoid" in The Little, Brown Handbook and in the chapter on introductory paragraphs in this English pamphlet "Opening paragraphs or introductions; topic sentences".

Don't stall by announcing intentions; get into the thesis and support immediately. Stick to present tense when discussing written works; however, refer to events in your life or real life in past tense or the verb tense that applies.

Literature Research Update : Henry E. Jacobs :

See the comments on this in one of the boxes about writing matters in the first chapter of Roberts. Also to be shunned are the related circumlocutions of a the number of times the literary work has been read avoid: The second time I read such-and-such I realized such-and-such or b "upon closer examination" or c surface events vs.

One main theme that emerges from Cynthia Ozick's story of such-and-such in "The Shawl" is the idea of such-and-such. Nathaniel Hawthorne's "Young Goodman Brown" has much symbolism. After the first full reference to author, title, and genre of the literary work being analyzed, these items should not be repeated; at most, all that is needed after the first full reference to author, title, and genre is reference to "the story" or "the poem" or "the play.

So instead of "the religious motif in the story is established by" or "the religious motif in the poem is established by" or "the religious motif in the play is established by," all that is needed is "the religious motif is established by. Look up the actual quotation in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.

Carefully study the material in your English composition handbook about the need for pronouns to have a definite antecedent. Nilson and Tandram definitely belong to the upper class. This can be illustrated by their apparent wealth and their mannerisms.

Nilson and Tandram belong to the upper class, as shown by their wealth, habits, and behavior. A clue that their neighborhood may be upper class is the tree, the Japanese Quince, being labeled.

This implies professional landscaping, which only the rich could justify. The upper class categorization of their neighborhood is suggested by the labels on the Japanese Quince and other flora in the square garden, obviously done by an expensive professional landscaping service.

Study the material on faulty pronoun reference in your composition handbook. Also study the material about composing compound or complex sentences, as well as subordination, in your composition handbook, which will show how to avoid the vague pronoun reference problem and sentence pattern.

Use logical organization and avoid mere summary. What most counts in a literary work, and in language generally, is meaning -- ideas and observations about life and people. Each paragraph or section of your composition should be headed by a topic sentence making some sort of analytical generalization or observation; all following material in the paragraph should be supporting examples accompanied by simultaneous explanation, in the same sentence they are cited, if possible, of how they indeed support the topic sentence and explanation of the topic sentence's analytical generalization or observation.

See Roberts, "Keeping to the Point," in Part 1.

The lottery by shirley jackson and the shawl by cynthia ozick essay

Use of examples, details, support. The stranger Young Goodman Brown meets carries a serpentine-shaped walking stick. The serpentine shape of his walking stick and its apparent supernatural animation help suggest symbolically that the stranger Young Goodman Brown meets is diabolical, if not the devil himself.

The narrator's failure to gain self-knowledge through his recent unhappy experience is shown by how he is still rationalizing and indulging in self pity at the end of his story, blaming others or other things for his misfortunes or childishly hoping for physical violence done to others or himself.Talking about Setting as Symbolic: Notes and an Essay n Kate Chopin's "The Story of an Hour" Amy Jones, "Spring Comes to Mrs.

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An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, Ambrose Bierce.

Writing Through Literature, 1/e

The Song of Songs, Ellen Gilchrist. The Lottery, Shirley Jackson.

The lottery by shirley jackson and the shawl by cynthia ozick essay

How to Become a Writer, Lorrie Moore. Meneseteung, Alice Munro. Writing about Point of View.

Demonstrative Student Essay: Shirley Jackson's Dramatic Point of View in "The Lottery".

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