The palestinian issue

Both sides have claims on the eastern part of Jerusalem. Jerusalem was the ancient capital of Judea and site of the Jewish holy temple, of which only the Western Wall remains right. It is also the site of the Al-Aqsa mosque left - regarded by many as the third holiest site in Islam.

The palestinian issue

'In my heart, I'm Palestinian,' soccer's Maradona tells Abbas | The Times of Israel

The Times of Israel reports: This is long overdue. The War led to one of the many exchanges of populations during the 20th century -- 1. Millions of Hindus and Muslims moved across the border when Pakistan separated from India upon independence in None of the transferred populations are treated as refugees, except for the Palestinians.

Roughly equal numbers of Arabs and Jews were displaced as Arab states expelled Jewish populations that in some cases, e. Iraq, had lived there for 2, years, long before the Arabs. The young Jewish state absorbed almost a million Jewish refugees from Muslim countries while the displaced Arabs were kept in permanent refugee status as a bargaining chip.

The so-called peace process in the Middle East always has failed due to the asymmetry of demands: As long as the Western nations humored the Arab delusion that the Jewish state could be eliminated, the Arab side had no incentive to negotiate.

The palestinian issue

The Arab side refused to accept its defeat in It is the loser who decides when the war is over, and the message from Washington is, "You lost.The enhanced and bloated corpus of Palestinian refugees that it purports to serve represents the sole factor enabling it to maintain its influence as an essential part of Palestinian society and as an essential player in the international political scenario in all concerning the Palestinian issue.

"The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem, a book of extraordinary power and integrity written by a young Israeli scholar and journalist, Benny Morris, takes that great tale of flight and conquest and tells it as it has never been told before: with precision and moral economy, with awesome detail and honesty.".

Palestine Issue Probed

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The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a huge issue in the region. Israel has fought multiple wars with each of its four neighbors, all of whom nominally support the Palestinian national cause.

On the Palestinian Refugee Issue, President Trump Is Magnificently Right God bless Donald J. Trump. President Trump appears to have undertaken a revolution in Middle Eastern diplomacy.

Republicans and Democrats suddenly feel very differently about not just Russia, but also Israel.

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Issues in a Nutshell