Unifi business plan

Sure enough, Ubiquiti has been a go-to option for lots of small business owners, but it has also crept into the consumer market by offering a very compelling alternative to the regular consumer-type routers yes, even the high-end onesas well as an alternative to the newer WiFi mesh systems which promise to cover your homer with WiFi using multiple devices. Ubiquiti UniFi UAP-AC-PRO Check Offer Much like its corporate alternatives, Ubiquiti decided to create a universal controller for all devices from the UniFi family, therefore allowing the user to deploy a large number of clients and managing them from a single centralised software it works in a similar manner to the CloudTrax from the Open Mesh access point — the UniFi access points can also be monitored and configured using a mobile app.

Unifi business plan

Its speed and reliability far exceeds its predecessor, Streamyx as it is the first Internet provider in Malaysia that utilises fibre optic broadband infrastructure a. This infrastructure also offers steady and stable Internet, making it a favourite among the netizens.

Sure, when comparing the price of the call charges, Maxis Home Fibre Broadband wins by a large margin with its call rates offered at RM0. But still, you get to enjoy unlimited free calls to TM numbers with UniFi, which is quite a big savings considering the majority of the Malaysian population owns a TM fixed line.

There have been complaints from subscribers that UniFi has been charging the additional wiring fee indiscriminately though, especially on forums like Lowyat.

In this regard, we advise you to do your own measurements of your house before the installation takes place and be very sure to monitor its progress to avoid paying extra fees. To be honest, the difference between each channel package is only about 9 — 12 extra channels, so if you already have Astro B.


Affordable fees and charges The fees and charges are quite reasonable, and the fact that UniFi offers free installation for up to 45 feet of wiringequipment that are worth RM and no down payment make it very appealing to most users.

Take note that if you downgrade your Internet plan, there is a penalty fee of RM Other than that, other fees are fairly standard — the early termination of the 24 months contract is RM, much like Maxis. UniFi might want to lower the deposit charge for the non-Malaysians to encourage more expatriates to sign up with it.

Online registration TM UniFi has launched a new website that serves as an online registration portal for fuss-free registration and subscription, which can be found here.

unifi business plan

The website also advertises that you get a one month free subscription if you register online. Again, you can just stick to the basic package if you already have an Astro B.

It may sound like a lot, but unlike UniFi, Maxis offers the same download and upload speeds of 30Mbps. Of course, you can also choose UniFi Advance 50Mbps plans, which are almost identical to its lower speed plans other than the fact that they offer a download speed of 50Mbps and an upload speed of 10Mbps.

The plans starts at RM UniFi should consider introducing more plans to suit these demands, especially when more and more telecommunication companies are jumping into the same business wagon. On 31st MarchUniFi has joined in the ultra-fast broadband club and introduced 2 new plans that offer Mbps download speed and 50Mbps upload speed.

The plans are divided to two categories: It basically means you get free minutes voice calls every month, and if you exhaust the free minutes, your calls to fixed lines will still be free, although calls to mobile numbers will be charged at RM0.

With UniFi Biz Pro plan, you will get up to RM70 worth of free calls for both local and nationwide calls that lasts for 2 years. The freebies offered for this plan are also similar with the UniFi Advance 30Mbps and 50Mbps plans, with additional benefits of a Dynamic IP and restoration time of up to 12 working hours.

Click here for more details on both plans. Sure, UniFi Pro plan gets you a lot of freebies including free Voice Plan and unlimited iflix subscription, but being able to download a HD movie in under 32 seconds would render the free iflix completely useless.

Still a lot cheaper than what UniFi Voice Plan offers. But if your area is covered by TIME, you know which broadband provider you should be signing up for by now. Are you looking for the best broadband deal for you? Try our FREE broadband comparison tool here today and get the best value out of your hard-earned cash.

Find more money-saving tips and financial articles here!If you are running a business, you might want to get an office broadband plan. While it can get more expensive, it comes with a generous amount of speed and data allowance for running a smooth business operation.

Mbps users will be upgraded to Mbps! Streamyx also will be upgraded, speed x2 Apart from that, TM will introduce a UniFi Basic Package for those household income lower that RM Research & Business Plan. Kickstart My Business. Finance My Business. Office Solutions & Technology.

Manage My Employees. Market My Business Discover ways to optimise your digital marketing strategy and create simple websites within a day at unifi Go Digital Business Class.

This is an SME Community exclusive event, by registering you will. Dynamic IP Fibre Broadband Plan Taking my business to the next level. The Unifi business package is a dual play UniFi comes with two services which are: High Speed Internet; Phone; Sign up now to enjoy: FREE Installation & Activation; FREE Wireless router; FREE DECT Phone; Tags.

UBIQUITI NETWORKS UBI-UAP-AC-PRO 24/5Ghz /Mbps m - (Enterprise Computing > Routers). • Subscribe for Unifi Pro Plan mbps included free voice national calls worth minutes. • Beyond rates: FREE to all TM fixed lines • Calls to mobile @ 10sen/min flat TM has launched new Unifi Business Q4 Bonanza Campaign effective on 1st of November until 31st of December

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