University education a life long lesson

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University education a life long lesson

Haisyam Nuaim Gabriela Simoes Dr. It is certain, therefore, that a university education cannot be solely based on an academic concentration, but also has to offer the skills needed to produce well-rounded and diverse individuals in society.

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Hence a university education is essential to provide people with not only the professional, but also the spiritual, and social skills needed to live a successful life. Any person who wants to be successful in life has to have a strong academic background, consisting of a certain specialization.

A university is an institution that allows people to make such choices and develop their skills towards careers involving such majors. The advantage of this type of specialized system is the unique skill in that particular field a person learns and develops.

Such refined qualities needed to be comfortable in a career allow one to be much more productive than someone who is not educated within a university. Therefore a University education provides an individual with the knowledge and professional skills needed to find a better job or a more respectable career.

Given that professional skills are only a part of a true education, a university should be responsible for setting moral and ethical standards through a liberal education that offers the spiritual skills essential to life.

University education a life long lesson

He argues that by focusing solely on the academic aspect of a university, people are being robbed of the strong spiritual attachment and willingness to uphold morality.

This privilege to taste the different areas of knowledge at a university allows students to formulate their own opinion for what it is that they want to do with their lives. So, a liberal education helps to develop a love for a certain specialization, and the morality that pushes people to uphold what is right in order to succeed in whatever they have chosen as their careers.

Therefore, a university that offers a liberal education is molding the citizens of the next generation. Without the skills to interact, solve problems, and socialize, a person will be lost in the world.

The knowledge of a particular subject is essential, but to share it with others is equally imperative. So, it is correct to say that the university that is able to efficiently mold the social skills of an individual is supplying that person with the capability to be very successful in life.

Finally, a university education, in order to be effective, is not one that offers only the specialized skills to succeed in one branch of knowledge.

University education a life long lesson

A true edification consists of not only the facts, but also the spiritual attachment to them, and the ability to interact and work around them. Therefore a well-educated individual holds not only the professional but also the spiritual and social skills needed in life.

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